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Guide to wear a casual suit. These pants can be used in the closet.

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As an extension of suit dress, casual suit has gradually become universal, and it has become a style of a suit worn by young people in their daily lives. Casual suits are more comfortable to wear than the symptoms, and the fabrics are relatively softer. They are also very wide in terms of matching, and can control various styles.
First, jeans
Since casual suits are everyday wear, there is definitely a match for jeans. Casual cowboys encounter casual casual suits that look casual and look more casual. Moreover, the jeans are very beautiful regardless of the clothes, so we only need to wear a T-shirt in general, and then go out with a casual suit.
Two, nine pants
Many people say that the cropped trousers are very picky, and those with short legs will wear a pair of trousers and legs will be even shorter. However, Xiao Bian feels that the cropped trousers are a pair of pants that can highlight the proportion of the figure. Because the cropped trousers just reveal the position of the ankle, the ankle is the thinnest place, naturally it will look more leg length and thin.
Third, casual pants
Casual suits and slacks, needless to say, from the name above is definitely a very good match. Most of the casual pants are based on khaki style, and casual suits are also best known for their khaki. If you don't know how to match, you can choose a khaki casual suit with a white T-shirt and a white khaki.
Casual suits have a lot of styles because they can control them, so no matter what pants they are paired, they will have different styles. The trousers mentioned above are relatively common and are relatively easy to match. If you don't know what trousers to use for casual suits, try the above.


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