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Custom suit matching notes

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When we first learned about clothing, we were all simple. It is best not to apply too much color to ourselves. Secondly, it is necessary to choose clothes according to the characteristics of their own body, but choosing the clothes that suit them is not something that can be done at one time. We need a long process to observe what kind of clothes we are suitable for. And depending on the occasion, the color and style of the clothes we should choose are also very noteworthy.
First, choose a suit according to the occasion
The small series will be divided into two occasions for everyone, one is formal occasions, such as a major meeting, the leadership meets this situation, the other is ordinary office, there are casual occasions, go out to play and so on. When we want to meet with the leaders, the choice of suits is of course to be solemn and stable. The best color is to choose a suit with deep colors. The darker the suit, the more prominent your sense of formality and professionalism. . In the aspect of matching with Xizhuang, it is best not to exceed two colors, the simpler the better. If you are planning for an ordinary office, or if you are meeting with a friend and choosing a suit, then the Xiaobian recommendation is based on a light color. Light blue, khaki, these colors can be your choice, if you want to be a little more casual, we can also match the pants or jeans type of pants.
Second, choose a suit according to the body
Choosing a suit based on your size is very important. A fitted suit will make you look temperamental, but a suit that is too small or too big will look very embarrassing. In addition to the choice of size, we also need to pay attention to the choice according to their own body characteristics. If you are a person with a wide shoulder, then don't choose a shoulder-strap suit, which will only make your shoulders look wider. If you are a person with a very poor proportion, then don't choose a long suit, which will make you look like your upper body is short and long.
When choosing a suit, the most important thing is to choose the suit that suits you. Whether it is from the color aspect or the style, it is the best for you. When the clothing is matched, we should follow the principle of fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses. To highlight the advantages of your body.


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