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What are the conditions for a good custom trousers?

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The first sight of a person will always look in the upper part. Just like wearing a suit, most people pay attention to the style or matching of the suit jacket. Few people will go alone and say that your trousers are very handsome. A good trousers should not be the most dazzling part of your body. His duty is to coordinate your overall dress and make your clothing look more natural. So what are the conditions for a good trousers?
First, the dressing experience of trousers
The simplest and most rude method of judging, first of all, to see whether the fabric of the trousers is supple, whether it is straight and whether it is wearable. The trend of fashion has developed to the present day, people no longer pursue the traditional way of matching, different trousers and different suits together, wearing a different sense of fashion. In fact, the details of a pair of trousers are often more than we have seen. It is simple but not simple.
Second, tailored
Good shape doesn't necessarily wear anything to look good. Even when stars are criticized and fashionable, we should pay more attention to this as ordinary people. Different sizes need to add different details to the dress. Instead of spending a lot of time to pick a piece that doesn't necessarily bring perfection, it's better to choose a custom-made trouser. Tailored trousers are always better for you than ready-to-wear trousers.
Third, the formation of trousers
What are the characteristics of a good trousers? First, the trousers should be close to your body curve and pulled smoothly until the upper. From the side, its length is just good, not too long or short. Secondly, the anti-slip design of the waistband is added to the bottom of the pants, so that you can close your waist when wearing the shirt.


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