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How to choose a custom suit in hot weather, please pay attention to these cool fabrics

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Summer is very hot, especially in the south. But even in such high temperatures, we still have to go to work. Some do not require dressing, you can wear ordinary short-sleeved shorts. However, if there are some requirements for dressing, you must wear a long and stuffy suit. At this time we should choose some comfortable and light fabrics to save us.
First, linen suit
Linen texture clothing is believed to be commonplace. This kind of fabric is often used on women's clothes because linen is very thin and light, very suitable for women, and it is very drape and looks very fashionable. The same principle is also a good choice for men's suits. But this kind of fabric suit has a drawback, that is, it looks too casual, and it is easy to wrinkle. Therefore, the linen suit is only suitable for ordinary commuting.
Second, cotton fabric suit
The cotton texture suit is also very popular with everyone, it is very thin and light like the linen texture. Moreover, the cotton fabric is softer and feels better than a linen suit. However, the suit of cotton fabric will be relatively close-fitting, and it is loose and has no three-dimensional effect.
Third, seersucker fabric suit
For the seersucker fabric, you may feel very strange. But this fabric is very popular in the United States, we can see a lot of American suits, their fabrics are made of seersucker. This kind of fabric is the same as the above two, and it is also a casual style. Because seersucker is also a special kind of cotton fabric, it is also easy to produce wrinkles.


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